Wildlife Sightings August 2020

Average Temperature: 11ËšC - 24ËšC
Rainfall: a few light drizzles

Although August was quite a nippy month in terms of cold fronts blowing in, there were a few warm days, signalling to us winter is coming to an end. It looks like we might be in for an early rainy season because we had our first drizzles towards the end of the month.


One night I got woken up by a loud heavy brushing against my room’s thatched roof. I got out of bed and quietly stepped outside where I found a breeding elephant herd making their way through camp.

The giants spent the night feeding on the vegetation between the guest rooms, then washed down their meals with a refreshing drink from the swimming pools. These visits have been on the increase, we think because camp has been so quiet lately.

African Wild Dogs

On a short trip to the Ngoma Park Gate to drop off park registration forms for guests who had gone out for an afternoon drive, I walked out the office only to be met by five wild dogs.

The dogs looked at me and growled for a couple of minutes but quickly lost interest, heading off in the direction of a herd of impala. The Ngoma area and Chobe National Park have very active and healthy packs of wild dogs that can often be seen out-and-about.


As I was turning off the tarmac towards camp, after a late town-run, I caught a glimpse of what looked like a dead impala on the side of the road. On closer inspection, I realised it was a lioness. Later that night she proceeded to walk right into camp between rooms 5 and 8 as she casually made her way to the flood plains.

Although lions are often seen in the area, strolling through camp in between guest rooms is rare. As with the elephants, we assume this happens because camp has been empty of guests.

It’s been great catching up, I look forward to next time.

Ben Mogalakwe
Lodge Manager

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