Sightings September/October 2019

A nice drop in temperature was experienced this month, before the full moon, as the first rains fell.

We had a fantastic sighting of 3 wild dogs attempting to quench their thirst from the water trough right in front of the camp, however, the water was guarded by two dominant elephant bulls, and the dogs were spooked before getting a chance to drink.

Our nights have been very exciting and filled with the roars of two young male lions trying to establish their territory.

Predator societies have taken full advantage of the weather and had access to a buffet of protein, as the high temperatures and continuous drought have caused some wildlife to be weakened or even die. Along with lion, we’ve had sightings of Cheetah and Spotted Hyena.

Birdlife has been stunning, with sightings of plum-coloured starlings, paradise flycatchers, red-breasted swallows and martial eagles.

Until next time

Verney’s Camp Team

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