Sightings November 2019

Sweet November rains mark the end of another month at Verney's Camp. With the generous showers of water comes a new growth of vegetation that seems to noticeably lift the spirits of our wildlife.

Verney's resident warthog has given birth, and her cute little piglets are a week old. The young family eagerly spend time exploring the camp.

There is an increase in bird sightings, and many of our feathered friends are in heaven over the abundance of protein supplement which comes to them in the form of swarms of flying termites.

Machaba Zimbabwe Hwange Verneys Camp Warthog 2 Sightings November 2019

Our noble elephants have begun dividing into smaller herd groups, and we are being treated to extra special sightings because of the water that has become available in our waterholes. Both the natural and artificial waterholes have become quite the gathering spots.

A few mornings ago we were privileged to be visited by a pack of painted dogs that surprised us right in front of the camp while guests were still busy with breakfast. We quickly packed up and followed the dogs as they searched the open grassland for prey.

Unfortunately for them, it was only a herd of elephants drinking at the waterhole and although the pack did try their luck with a little elephant calf, the rest of the herd quickly came to the rescue.

It really was spectacular watching the conflict between the hungry painted dogs and the protective elephants. We wish all our guests who visit Verney’s Camp could witness interactive sightings like these.

Machaba Zimbabwe Hwange Verneys Camp Wild Dogs Sightings November 2019

When we arrive at the next waterhole, we realised we were in luck when we discovered two large hippos had made their way to land. This was an unusual sight to see because it was during the heat of the day.

Machaba Zimbabwe Hwange Verneys Camp Hippo Sightings November 2019

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