Sightings February 2020

The month of February in Deteema Springs was announced by a combination of glorious thunderstorms and happy birdsong.


We were treated to sightings of the Deteema lion pride and their growing cubs, now in the process of learning how to stalk and surprise the quarry. While the females supervise closely from a distance there was more busy activity from the thickets near the camp, where a noisy mating pair could be heard.

Wild Dogs

The very notable pack of 18 wild dogs have been spotted many times as they energetically. trot behind the Alpha male like a well-trained hit squad on a mission. Their determination has proven to be effective in maintaining their current pack number.


We were alerted to the presence of female leopard in the vicinity by a kill near Deteema Dam. Although she is secretive her tracks surface around camp frequently.


Our gentle giants continue to visit both the seeps and the dam, their enlivening presence always welcomed by us and our guests.

From all of us at Deteema Springs, have a lovely month and we look forward to our next sightings report.

Machaba Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Sighting February 2020 Cta Deteema
Deteema Springs Camp

Deteema Springs is a small concession area in the Hwange National Park.

Machaba Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Sighting February 2020 Cta Zimbabwe Special
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