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Welcome to "On Safari with Nala"

“On Safari with Nala” is presented by nine-year-old Nala from Machaba Camp. She has an extraordinary love for nature, wildlife, and conservation. Not at all surprising since her parents, Shaun and Elcke Malan, are general managers at Machaba Camp where she and her little brother Khan have lived for the past seven years.

Each week she takes our viewers on an exciting African adventure. Topics include everything from exploring the Okavango Delta in a mokoro and informative wildlife episodes, to Machaba’s legendary chef Sox being dragged into an episode or two to share some delicious recipes.

Watch Nala’s latest adventure and catch up on previous episodes below.

Episode 48: World Elephant Day

Episode 47: The Eastern Tiger Snake

Episode 46: Nala And Khan Making Their Favourite Breakfast!

Episode 45: The Praying Mantis

Episode 44: Welcome To Ngoma Safari Lodge

Episode 43: How To Bake Scones

Episode 42: The Cricket

Episode 41: The Termite

Episode 40: Scrumptious Butternut Quiche Recipe

Episode 39: The Dead Giraffe

Episode 38: The Pan Handle of the Okavango Delta

Episode 37: The Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Episode 36: The Centipede

Episode 35: The Bubbling Kassina

Episode 34: How To Make A Christmas Yule Log

Episode 33: The Wolf Snake

Episode 32: The Shongololo

Episode 31: The Warthog

Episode 30: The Blind Snake

Episode 29: How To Make Banana Loaf

Episode 28: The Lion

Episode 27: The African Migratory Locust

Episode 26: The Banded Mongoose

Episode 25: The Gomoti Kitchen - How To Make Pizza From Scratch

Episode 24: The Wattled Crane

Episode 23: Woven Baskets

Episode 22: The Tree Squirrel

Episode 21: Grey Foam-Nest Tree Frog

Episode 20: Scorpions

Episode 19: Elephant Dung Uses

Episode 18: The Machaba Kitchen - Bran Rusk Recipe

Episode 17: The Malalane Golden Brown Baboon Spider

Episode 16: A special kind of Giraffe

Episode 15: The Cape Buffalo

Episode 14: Hippopotamus

Episode 13: The Okavango Delta

Episode 12: The Puff Adder

Episode 11: Into the Machaba kitchen

Episode 10: The Okavango Hinge Terrapin

Episode 9: The Mokoro Experience

Episode 8: The African Bullfrog

Episode 7: A different kind of Elephant

Episode 6: The Yellow Bellied Sand Snake

Episode 5: The Leopard Tortoise

Episode 4: Into The Machaba Kitchen

Episode 3: Vultures

Episode 2: The Flap Necked Chameleon

Episode 1: The Spotted Hyena

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Discover Machaba Camp

Machaba Camp is a traditional style camp nestling in the game-rich Khwai area. The Khwai Concession is a 35 000 hectare reserve located in the northeastern section of the world-famous Okavango Delta.

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Machaba Botswana Okavango Delta Nala Safari
Explore The Okavango Delta

A tapestry of seasonal waterways, the Okavango Delta is home to more than 2 000 plant, 530 bird, 65 fish species, and a large variety of mammal species.

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