Sightings October 2019

October in Botswana has been hot. Summer has snuck in and temperatures are soaring daily.

While the bush awaits relief from the expected rains (we had a welcomed 20mm last night), humans and animals take the days slow, seeking out shade and protection from the heat. Water holes are teaming.

Elephants found relief from the heat in the river, however, food is becoming increasingly scarce for them & they are losing condition rapidly. An old hyena was found at the river’s edge and the heat forced her to just give up on life. Laying in the cooling waters of the Khwai River, she passed away.

Another – more gruesome – sighting was that of 2 crocodiles performing death rolls on a hyena, resulting in it ripping apart. Both crocs had a good meal & disappeared happily underwater not to be seen again.

The Seronga female seems to be settling into the area a little better after Mmatsebe’s passing. She still disappears occasionally to go check her old territory, however, has provided some amazing sightings over the past month. We are hopeful she will choose this area as her own & ultimately take reign.

Lion sightings have been pretty good – 3 young male lions seem to have entered the area. No one is sure where they came from. Let’s see if they will stick around.

An update on the 2 leopard cubs: one of them didn’t make it. The other one is doing very well & remains close to mommy. She has had several successful kills, one of which was stolen by hyenas.

Our hyenas are doing very well at the den, with several little cubs around.
Wild dogs are regular visitors as of late & it is unclear if the dogs are denning or not.

Until next time…

Shaun & Elcke Malan

General Management

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