Sightings August 2019

Another month has come to an end… And what an incredible month of August it was! A plethora of animal sightings here at Machaba Camp & Little Machaba.

Buffaloes have made their way to the Khwai Concession. For years they have been rather shy in this area, and suddenly, we are seeing rather large herds popping up like daisies.

Leopards as always have been seen almost daily here. Some were seen feasting away, others hunting & other just goofing around. One of our leopards, Maghoto female, has 2 adorable cubs. They are about a month old now & we have all been following their progress. So far, all is well – despite a couple of lion threats near their den. However mommy has always been able to get them to safety…

Lions have obviously been following the buffaloes & we have witnessed several kills from the beginning stages to the takedown & feast, up until the very end where hyenas & vultures clean up the mess. Some amazing sightings of swimming lions, leaping lions, mating lions & of course sleeping lions.

Elephants, of course, have been seen and heard in camp on a daily base. They are leaving a path of destruction as they are searching for food. Pathways get blocked by branches they break trying to get the last fresh leaves & on regular occasions, our guests are ‘highjacked’ in their tents. It is always just a matter of time before our guides come to the rescue.

We look forward to the September month & feel privileged to have experienced yet another winter month here at Machaba Camp & Little Machaba.

Until next time…

Shaun and Elcke Malan

General Management

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