Sightings April 2019

I know we keep saying this at the beginning of almost every newsletter, but it is true:

What an amazing month it has been at Machaba Camp & Little Machaba!

It has been a leopard month for sure… We have had some incredible sightings of leopard hunting, playing, resting, fighting hyena, climbing trees and just wandering about.

The river Khwai is slowly drying up and the grass is dying. The landscape is transforming into a barren, sandy & dusty place. Elephants are dotted all over & are enjoying the last remaining water. It will be a dry winter for sure if this continues.

Lions have been on the scarce in the area as were the wild dogs. Sightings were few, however, the few were worth it. Three lion cubs were spotted playing in the thickets, a male lion trying to woo some female lions and obviously the entire pride just resting under a tree.

Until next time…

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