Sightings May 2018

What an exciting month it has been!

Winter temperatures are steadily sneaking in with chilly, frosty mornings, clear days and cool evenings. In the winter months we remove our roofs off our vehicles as the morning sun is something one appreciates to warm up, game viewers have more freedom to move around the thicker vegetation. The main reason is for the drive back to camp in the evening which allows you to experience the most incredible star gazing experience.

Wild dogs are hunting through both camps almost on a daily basis. Rushing through the flood plains at Little Machaba, flushing antelope out of their hiding spots and weaving in and out of the main camp. Once they have made a successful kill, they head back to feed the Alpha female who is heavily pregnant. Will be fantastic to see our pack of thirteen dogs expand.

Just down river of the main camp, a buffalo was killed by lions which created a fair share of excitement, not to mention the night time sounds! Whilst this was happening, just behind the camp, a leopard had killed a waterbuck, which it was unable to defend due to nine hungry hyenas.

Our resident leopard “Mmatsebe” has learnt a new trick to get an easy meal. She climbs up tree trunks where she knows that owls are roosting, disappears out of sight down the tree trunk, pops up with an owl in her mouth and drops it to the ground where the cub lays the finishing blow. It’s a tough one to watch. Mother Nature at her finest.

May has been incredible and we cannot wait to see what June as to offer!

Until next month…

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