Sightings August 2017

Gomoti Plains surrounded by vast open flood plains, marsh areas around the outskirts of the camp. The river sources being easily located by the soaring palm trees standing tall above the tree top canopy, which is a sign of water – life of the Delta.

Game drives within the Gomoti region would lead to many a special sighting – giraffe almost as common as herd of impala! Lion can be heard around the campfire during the late hours of the evening as the constantly shadow the immense herd of buffalo that reside within the nearby swamps. Fresh leopard spoor glimpsed most mornings on the walk in for breakfast, plus the excitement of identifying the the sounds of the previous night.

Gomoti’s vastness and exclusivity within the concession create special sightings. Highlighted sightings don’t always tend to have to be the bigger more noticeable animals. Very often there are sightings of bat eared foxes, wild dogs, porcupine, serval cats, wild cats to name just a few!

September will bring in more excitement as we continue to explore this spectacular region via boat rides up the Gomoti channel – offering such an incredible birding experience. Mokoro rides down the smaller channels which are created by the hippos constantly altering the water flow of the Delta. On foot we will continue to locate the wild dog den sight and gain a few tricks on how to survive within the remote wilderness.

Not to forget the vehicle safaris where we hope to find the cheetahs that were seen not too long ago sprinting through dried up flood plains after warthogs.

Exciting times ahead!

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