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It all started with a passion

Alistair Rankin, Chris Hatshe and Murray Collins have 70 years’ experience in the southern Africa hospitality business. In 2012 they founded Machaba Safaris to revive the spirit of classic safaris coupled with the creature comforts of the modern era.


People first. Planet first

Machaba Safaris is all about our people. We’re 100% owner-run and employ the best in the industry who genuinely love what they do. We are also engaged in community development initiatives and numerous conservation projects based in Botswana and Zimbabwe.


We concentrate our efforts on projects that focus on conservation, education, community and infrastructure development. From investing in anti-poaching units to building classrooms and providing valuable work experience, we are committed to the growth of Africa’s land, wildlife and people.

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We realised that people loved our classic-meets-a-touch-of-luxury approach, so we decided to share this experience with more travellers.

Discover more about our journey...

We started with Machaba Camp in the Okavango Delta in 2012

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Our focus was on classic-style authentic eco-camps to heighten the feeling of adventure

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It turned out people loved our approach

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So we added more camps to share with even more travellers

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Take a look at our growing footprint

We have a wide presence with many unique destinations and experiences.

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We are clearly doing something right

See our awards and accolades

International Travel Awards 2022 Badge
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2020 World Travel Awards Machaba Nominee
2019 Safari Awards Best Family Safari
2019 Safari Awards Best Cuisine
2019 Boutique Hotel Group Winner

As our Machaba family grows into new areas, we are excited to discover and share new places and build new friendships with local communities to uplift its people and ultimately protect this wonderful piece of our planet.

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