Machaba Camp & Little Machaba September Sightings Update

By 2nd Oct 2019 News

We started this month on a rather sad note.

The body of Mmatsebe – our resident leopardess of 16 years – was found along the rivers edge beginning of the month. It appears she died of exhaustion/malnutrition after having been in a territorial dispute which has been ongoing for months. She was the undisputed Queen of Khwai, a diamond among rocks and will now live on only through the thousands of pictures taken of her by our guests. Her Machaba family will miss her presence and spirit in & around camp.

RIP Mmatsebe. 03/09/2019

Spring is setting in & trees are starting to flower. Rains are not in sight yet, however, temperatures are starting to soar high. The river is still flowing (we are lucky that way!) & obviously attracts much wildlife. Wild dogs have been seen regularly – they have been feasting on impalas.

One of the more memorable sightings was of the wild dogs successfully hunting & a leopardess moving in to steal a piece of the feast. Obviously, that didn’t go down well with the dogs & the leopardess got nipped in the butt (literally!) Not before she stole a piece though!

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