Machaba Camp & Little Machaba November Game Sightings

By 30th Nov 2017 News

Big cat month here at Machaba. Leopards galore and lions around every corner. Our young leopard male almost took down a lechwe the other day. The entire hunt was witnessed. Tiny leopard cubs have been spotted on several occasions.

With the rains, harvester termites have come out to play which attracted flocks of birds. Thousands of Barns swallows have been spotted feasting on these little creatures. Large numbers of Pelicans were spotted fishing in the fast-drying pools.

A mating pair of lions stole the precious lechwe kill of a female leopard. Lions were also seen feasting on a zebra.

The river in front of the lodge is slowly but surely becoming a stream. The river is frequently visited by elephants who dot the landscape in & around the lodge.

Due to the rains which have started, the smaller creatures have also become more alive. Snakes have been seen more regularly – in particular the African Rock Python has been spotted on several occasions. Frogs sounds are echoing through the night & little fireflies light up the dark sky.