Machaba Camp & Little Machaba December Game Sightings

By 8th Jan 2018 News

As the end of 2017 sets in, we look back at the most amazing year past at Machaba & Little Machaba. We have been witness to so many great moments; some harsh & cruel, some tender & sweet.

Our leopards are doing extremely well, with several tiny cubs spotted in the past month. Fingers crossed all of them will make it through – survival of the fittest. No guarantee.

Our wild dogs are doing very well – they have taken control of the festive season and have been feasting away. Several hunts & kills were witnessed throughout the past months – some successful, others not so.

Lion have been scarce; however they have been passing through once in a while. The pride with cubs have been spotted and some of our male brother lions have been seen patrolling their territory.

Elephants have dispersed slightly & the riverine landscape has changed. Different shades of green now colour the landscape & life has returned. Lots of flowers, insects and reptiles are now spotted throughout the drives. Rainfall is more regular now and the temperature is pleasantly cool when clouds appear.

We wish everyone a prosperous, healthy & amazing 2018! We hope to welcome you all (or welcome you back) in this coming year.