Ingwe Pan is situated at a secluded pan in the wilderness area of Mana Pools National Park, just a few kilometres inland of the Zambezi River and within walking distance of the Chiruwe river bed. The pan is one of the biggest in the park and is surrounded by a grove of large ebony trees. A magnificent fig and ancient ebony form the canopy of the main lounge and dining area of the camp. An ancient baobab is a few minutes walk from the camp and the perfect spot for picnics and sundowners in the evening.

The pan is an essential waterhole in the park, providing an intermediary drinking spot for the large herds of elephant and buffalo who walk through each day to the floodplain. Ingwe (the local translation for Leopard) Pan is aptly named, as these magnificent cats visit the pan often. Lion, hyaena, zebra, kudu and impala frequent the waterhole, as do the more shy antelope such as suni and nyala. The animals on the Mana floodplain in general and the pan in particular are very concentrated and so the tents are snuggled together on the southern side of the pan to afford a panoramic view of all of the game trails leading in. There is a wide diversity of vegetation around the pan, from jesse bush to mopani and so it is a birders delight too. Mana specials such as the Arnotts Chat are a sure find in the mopani and Broad-billed Rollers arrive with a multitude of other migrant birds later in the season. Camp opening in May 2020.