Sightings January 2020

Taking a dramatic departure from the drier characteristics of December, January brought a welcomed change of atmosphere and environment.

The rains, and the rich carpet of green grass and trees covering the landscape all the way into the horizon, were a great way to usher in the New Year.

Insect sightings

Smaller insects are now out-and-about and red velvet mites emerge from their underground world to feed and mate. They have an interesting mating ritual which involves the males building what is known as a ‘love garden’.

Rivalries do exist amongst jealous males who destroy the other’s garden and then on the ruins of the garden, perform a special dance. Yes, you read right, the males’ dance for the females, ought to be an interesting experience wouldn’t you say?

Machaba Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Sighting January 2020 Velvet Mite

Zebra sightings

The green and lush landscape is a paradise for herbivores and grazers. Zebras, giraffes and impalas were all seen all over enjoying a tasty green salad.

On one occasion, as if in celebration, the Impalas were stotting as the zebras dazzled in their ever-stylish stripped coat whilst the Giraffes stood high and proud dining off the delicious leaves of the tall trees. And for those of you who didn’t know, ‘stotting’ means to bounce around happily.

Machaba Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Sighting January 2020 Zebra

As the animals enjoy their leaves and grass, the dung beetles hang around, waiting to clean-up after them. Its quite the experience watching how such a little insect can roll such a big ball of dung for a such a long distance.

Surprisingly enough this is a very important role in our eco-system. Ecologically speaking, by dung beetles dispersing, eating and burying the dung, they help prevent the spread of diseases. Indeed, insects are ‘Mite-y’ in their own unique way! 

The green season has been generously educational and we look forward to sharing more highlights soon.

Until next time,

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Machaba Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Sighting January 2020 Dung Beetle
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